Friday, October 9, 2015


Does it ever seem like your life is moving backwards instead of going forward?

The other day I was feeling pretty down about some personal things in my life .. Asking God, what is happening? Feeling like I am heading in the wrong direction with my health, weight, teaching, so many things .. Feeling discouraged.  All the while continuing to say ... I trust you Jesus. I don't know where we are going, but I trust You.

Then I remembered a something that happened when Jonathan was little.  We lived on Sub-base Bangor, on the Kitsap Peninsula in Wa. State.  The children and I had gone into Silverdale to do some shopping. Jonathan had asked to go to Target for something, and I had promised to take him.

We'd finished all the other shopping and had forgotten to take him. I'd already begun to head home when he asked about going. Since I wanted to keep my word, I kept driving. Jonathan became upset and asked why were we heading home? To him, it looked like we were going backwards toward home. To me, I knew the quickest way to get where we were going, was to keep driving in this same direction, that to him, looked like we were heading backwards towards home.

It was a cool God instruction. I shared with him that even though it looked like we were going backwards, really, we were going forward and would make it to our destination quicker. And that life could sometimes seem that way as well. One of those two steps forward, five steps back?!

That sometimes the quickest way to our destination, seems to be heading in the wrong direction heading back where we came from, when God sees the bigger picture, leading us through just the right places to get us where he wants us to be.

I really needed that reminder. So even though right now, so many of the things in my life seem to be taking me right back where I used to be, I will, and am, trusting my Heavenly Father to take me where He is leading me on. Forward. And I will say, Yes Lord, and pray I walk in step with the Holy Spirit.

My prayer for you dear reader, is that no matter where you find yourself on this road, that you will continue to say Yes to Jesus, and keep going on.

It took awhile for my son Jonathan to see we were indeed heading to the store he wished to go to, and that even though it looked like we were going backwards, we really were going forward.

I so needed this reminder.

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